5 Tips for Designing the Perfect bathroom Shower

Every one of us wants a spacious, lavish bathroom shower that gives you a spa-like feel at home, but designing your shower can be a hassle.

Worry not; here are 5 tips to help you create your dream shower space.

Start With Location and Size

Plan where you want your shower to be? The most common spot is a corner, but an enclosed area like a water closet will be best for your shower upgrade.

Secondly, plan the size of the shower and the vanity space; if you want more free space, consider downsizing your vanity.

If you want to fit in a large shower, consider increasing the size of your bathroom; if your budget allows, you can even steal some space from an adjacent room or closet.

Consider placing a freestanding tub within your shower if your bathroom is spacious. This wet-room concept forms a stunning spa-like setting and an appealing visual statement.

Consider a bathroom Shower-Tub Combo

Want to have a ready option of a quick shower or a relaxing soak? Consider a space-saving shower-tub combo. With this addition, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

You can make your shower-tub combo more aesthetic by adding higher-end accessories, fixtures, and materials, such as adding premium bathroom tiles. Also, marbled tile walls and a mirrored tub front make your shower look more appealing.

Showcase bathroom Shower Doors

Want to give your shower an airy and light flow? Consider a glass enclosure. It will also allow your accent tile to become a center piece in the shower.

We suggest adding hinged shower swing doors as they open outward to a 90-degree angle, providing a safe open entry, and they can swing inward too.

If you think that a swing door will pose a hassle or affect other elements in your space, choose a sliding door. But know that sliding doors are difficult to clean and can accumulate filth.

You can also go for a no-door look or a fixed glass panel, which will form a modern look that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Let in the Light

The shower has its designated area in the bathroom, and your lighting should complement that distinction. Consider installing dedicated lights for your shower for a more stylish look.

Recessed lighting is the most popular for showers because you can easily seal it against moisture.
However, you should ensure that the fixtures you are adding to the shower are damp-proof, meaning they are resistant to moisture.

Assess the Accessories

Although they might seem like minor details, accessories such as towel rings, hooks, and clothing bars can distinguish how your bathroom functions. But, again, we recommend going for a theme and following it accordingly for all of your accessories.

The drain is often ignored or neglected as a design accessory. But choosing a fitting drain can compliment your shower even better.

We recommend you choose the right professionals to make it a reality.

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